Actuarial consultancy EMB will work with brokers to help them challenge insurers' price increases.

The specialist insurance actuary, which in the past has worked mainly for insurers, will now also be helping insureds to assess their risks.

The move is aimed at adding weight to brokers' arguments with insurers in premium negotiations .

EMB consultant Richard Weston said that insureds and brokers were failing to argue with underwriters over the pricing of the risk.

"Insureds should have an idea of what a fair price is when they come to the negotiating table. At the moment, they are at a disadvantage as they have to rely on the fact that insurers will do the assessment fairly."

EMB will also be advising businesses with large retentions on the quantification of their risks.

This comes at a time when risk managers have been warned against asking captives to take risks, which the company has failed to properly quantify.