Integrated system provides brokers with electronic quotations

Allianz Cornhill's commercial lines have been integrated into an end-to-end system on the Acturis platform. This includes the insurer's commercial combined, fleet and major commercial classes with many products available on a full-cycle basis.

To present a risk to underwriters brokers fill out `risk capture' screens and click the `submit to Allianz Cornhill' button.

The Acturis platform automatically delivers the risk presentation into the inbox of a local Allianz Cornhill branch.

Underwriters then send back their quotations electronically directly into the Acturis platform.

Acturis insurer services director Nikolaus Frei said: "We have a total of 18 brokers using the system so far. With this system brokers do not need to re-key anything.

"Misunderstandings and errors are minimised and efficiency is vastly improved. As a finishing touch, brokers can print point-of-sale documentation directly from the Acturis platform."

Allianz Cornhill underwriting and marketing executive Chris Hanks said: "When dealing with many of the old software houses, records could be accessed only at the client's office. With Acturis, however, the information resides on one server, so you get proper front-end and back-end support.

"The Acturis system is a catalyst for us because it offers commonality and consistency, two aspects of the technology that had eluded us before," added Hanks.

Hanks also endorsed the risk presentations from the Acturis platform which are fully compliant with ABI and Polaris standards.

"We expect an easy connection with Polaris E-market when that becomes available later this year," said Hanks.