Oh dear. Not only is Henry Harris's fiddle worn out (Letters, 17 April Insurance Times), he can still play only the one tune on it, and that's been nowhere near the charts since the 1970s.

The skills he outlines for loss assessors seem remarkably narrow: by inference from his letter they seem not to study insurance law at all. Remarkable!

I have, in the past, invited Mr Harris to join me in a public debate (perhaps Insurance Times would like to host it?) when we can learn a little more about each others' views.

I can assure him he will be surprised at the huge success policyholder-representing chartered loss adjusters are having, some of it because of our expertise in (as he says) "the interpretation of policy conditions warranties and clauses", so often used against our clients (and his).

And if Mr Harris has never met an adjuster with the skills needed for assessing, why has his company recruited adjusters in the past?

Well, Mr Harris, are you up for an open debate?

Richard Hanson-James
The Claim Experts Network