Ageas becomes the latest insurer to partner Flood Re and SSP for high-risk housing

Ageas has become the latest insurer to partner with SSP to provide Flood Re policies through the broker channel.

Ageas’s three home products are backed by the Flood Re scheme, and now policyholders will be able to benefit from affordable premiums and lower excesses dependent on their individual circumstances.

The UK government launched Flood Re to increase the availability of affordable home insurance for the estimated 350,000 households in flood risk areas.

The scheme backed almost 130,000 policies in its first year.

Adrian Coupland, customer and marketing managing director at SSP said: “I am delighted that Ageas has joined SSP’s Flood Re panel. Having another insurer on the panel provides at-risk policyholders with a wider range of Flood Re-backed policies to choose from, enabling these homeowners to shop around for the most suitable cover through the intermediated channel.”

Francois-Xavier Boisseau, chief executive at Ageas said: “As an original member of the Flood Re scheme, we understand the importance of a multi-distribution strategy to ensure all customers on all channels can access these policies.

“Our partnership with SSP means Flood Re-backed policies are now more widely available for the thousands of at-risk customers who insure their properties through a broker.”