Brokers with "hidden" commission structures will be reported to the FSA by Airmic in a bid to increase market transparency.

Speaking at the Airmic conference this week, chairman Andrew Cornish said that if commissions continued to remain hidden or undisclosed the body would lobby the FSA to intervene.

When asked whether Airmic would be prepared to name and shame brokers, Cornish said: "Name and shame doesn't work, but we are encouraged by the response from bigger brokers and want to drive this through to regional brokers."

An Airmic task force survey found that 76% of buyers pay fees to brokers as opposed to commissions, or plan to do so.

It also found that nearly two-thirds of commercial insurance buyers believe that brokers should receive no payment at all from underwriters.

London Market Association chief executive Simon Sperryn welcomed the move. "The market must listen carefully to the message coming out of the conference."