Torrance says security is the key to preventing break-ins

Allianz Insurance chief executive Andrew Torrance

Allianz Insurance chief executive Andrew Torrance has applauded the Government’s decision to change the law for homeowners on confronting intruders in their home.

Torrance said in a statement ahead of Justice Minister Chris Grayling’s expected announcement on the changes set to be revealed at the Conservative Party Conference today that he would welcome the clarification around the new law.

“We welcome any change to the law which clarifies for people how they are able to defend themselves and their home should they be faced with an intruder,” he said.

“Earlier this year we researched into this sensitive issue and one in five homeowners revealed they are very likely to use force to defend their home, but over half (52%) were unsure of their legal rights when faced with an intruder.

“However, I also hope that the importance of having good home security also forms part of the communication from the Government to help avoid an encounter with an intruder in the first place. “Our research also revealed that nearly two-thirds of people (62%) said they would become more security conscious if they were to experience a burglary and would subsequently look at increasing their home’s security levels. We are urging homeowners not to wait for a burglary to happen but to look at their home security now.”