Insurer Allianz has launched a six point global internet offensive.

As part of this strategy, Allianz will establish a global portal where its subsidiaries will be able to target their specific markets and customers.

As a first step Allianz plans to look towards the experience gained by its Italian online subsidiary for guidance.

Gesa Walter, spokesperson for Allianz in Germany, said: "An ebusiness task force has been created to implement the strategy. Head office will be based in Munich and will staff 4-5 people. Each subsidiary will have an ecommerce representative appointed to provide local input into the offensive. Strategy will be enforced from top management down."

Annual investment, which was in the triple-digit euro millions, will be used to finance the project. A precise figure on how much will be used is not known yet.

Allianz will also team up with technology company Cisco systems to provide consulting advice including a network ready analysis, network gap analysis and infrastructure roadmap.

This joint venture is intended to optimise intranet processes, customer service and ongoing development of ecommerce models tailored to local market situations.