Allianz Cornhill is issuing a new contract to its 200-strong approved repairer network.

The contract is valid for 12 months, during which time it may not be terminated unless the repairer breaches the agreement. It also provides for an anticipated number of repairs per month to assist in business planning.

“The draft contract is being delivered via a series of one-day roadshows, and we feel this demonstrates our open and consultative approach with repairers,” said Philip Bradley, manager of Allianz Cornhill's motor engineer's unit.

Allianz Cornhill has designed a remuneration package to reward bodyshops that repair parts instead of replacing them.

“It is refreshing to have a meaningful contract in the body repairer market, as body repairers have had genuine concerns, stemming from certain insurer actions last year,” said Mark Bull, operations manager of the RMI's bodyshops services division.