Allianz Cornhill's new commercial distribution strategy will be launched in early September.

The strategy is currently being formulated by former Deloitte consultant John Warburton, who joined the insurer as commercial sales and distribution manager earlier this year.

Warburton said that the strategy will be in line with the underwriting strategy launched by the insurer several years ago.

He said it would focus on targeted, trained front line staff and a greater investment in broker relationships.

To assist with the strategy, Allianz Cornhill conducted a survey of 241 of its commercial lines brokers in May and June.

The survey assessed broker satisfaction with the services it delivers and to record any changes in brokers needs and demands.

Warburton said: "This research forms the basis for our prioritisation of resource at a local level. It also helps to shape the longer term plans for our business."

The survey revealed that most of those questioned were happy with the service provided by Allianz Cornhill.

They listed speed of service and level of responsiveness as the most important factors.

When asked to rank their needs by importance, brokers listed accessibility first, ahead of responsible and technically competent insurers.

The survey found that casualty, property and motor trade were the key business areas brokers considered when rating their satisfaction.

Warburton said that three quarters of those surveyed estimated their share of business with Allianz Cornhill would increase over the next year.

The primary reasons listed for this included a desire to do business and an improved relationship between Allianz Cornhill and brokers.