I totally agree with Andy Homer. It is time to stamp out unethical behaviour (3 April, Insurance Times). I would like to congratulate him for reminding us of the parameters of "Option 1 - quit" or "Would I blow the whistle?", within which it is incumbent on us to find a balance if the CII is to retain its credibility as the professional body in insurance, and the industry regain the respect, if not the trust, of the insuring public.

Undoubtedly, we face a complex problem as illustrated by Ray Jackson's letter (3 April, Insurance Times). I suggest the way forward is for each of our local insurance institutes to arrange a meeting at which members can discuss and exchange views face to face.

Those who are unable to attend should be invited to contribute their thoughts on any questions that occur to them, for example: are we in a price-fixing business and if not, why hasn't the Monopolies Commission investigated the cost of airside cover? What is a mutual life assurance plc? Or when did you last hear the words ex gratia used in a claims settlement?

The conclusions can then be refined into a consensus at this year's annual conference within the parameters of a definition of insurance and a retrospect since it was exempted from the Unfair Contract Tems Act [1977].

John Lynch
Insurance Advisory Service

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