Staff threatened with redundancy by Aviva's job cuts have expressed their anger at hearing of the jobs cuts through news reports.

The husband of one affected employee wrote to Insurance Times to "vent total disgust" at how Aviva told staff they were being made redundant.

"My wife, like many of my colleagues, found out about the news on the radio travelling into work.

"The official meeting was not scheduled until 10am but by then you could easily get the information from any news bulletin or internet site.

"To make matters worse, at this particular location, other unaffected departments were officially told before those that were being made redundant! I find this quite unbelievable and cannot accept that a company such as Aviva has acted in such a way."

Another wrote: "As an employee of NU, I find it an absolute disgrace that

NU informs the media about staff redundancies before telling their employees.

"This is the second time this has happened in as many years. It would be nice to hear it from the managers first instead of on the radio. No apology has been issued from the company about this."