Our new blogger is sizing up the industry with a fresh pair of eyes. His second year in the job is already delivering more than its share of challenges

This is the first of a regular blog for Insurance Times in which I will be documenting some of the interesting and challenging aspects of my role as a junior loss adjuster, learning the ropes both ‘on the job’ and by going through the formal qualification process.

Given that the junior end, or lack thereof, of the profession is so often debated, I’m hoping to provide an interesting insight into what it’s like to be at the beginning of a career in insurance in 2012.

With the financial year-end just a few days away, and my second Dip CII exam (insurance business and finance) fast approaching, this is perhaps one of my busiest and most challenging periods since joining the industry. I joined MYI Chartered Loss Adjusters in September 2010 after graduating from King’s College London. Hailing from India where I grew up, I came to the UK after college to pursue further studies. Today, I am a graduate with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, living an exciting life in the fast lane of the insurance industry in London!

People working in the insurance industry are often stereotyped as those who fell into it by chance or necessity. However, I have always wanted to be a loss adjuster. This was in no doubt partly influenced by my father, who previously worked for an insurer in London. But I was also intrigued by the profession owing to the numerous different aspects of the job, meaning that various attributes are required, including technical skill, commercial insight, project management and people skills.

I’m currently working alongside two other graduate trainees. Peer pressure is a great motivator!”

Mahesh Ganesan, MYI

I was lucky enough to undertake a summer work experience programme with MYI, during which I was taken out by senior adjusters for many site visits throughout the country. It was this part of the job that fascinated me the most. I’m currently working alongside two other graduate trainees at MYI: Josh Lovedale and Margot Prince. We have been encouraged to take the CII exams and complete the qualifications while we are still young. The company sponsors us to take the necessary exams and there is now a healthy competition that has developed between us, which in many ways is beneficial. Peer pressure is a great motivator!

Although there might not be the same emphasis today on qualifications as there may have been in the past, I have certainly found that, as my educational knowledge about insurance has increased, so has my understanding and efficiency of handling claims. Of course, it can sometimes get very difficult to balance work and studies – therein lies the challenge for anyone wanting to succeed in such a competitive and demanding industry. However, the exam process is becoming increasingly flexible to take into account these conflicting demands. For example, for the forthcoming Dip CII exam, every candidate can now get 10% of the final score in advance if an average grade of B or more is obtained on all the assessments.

Over the next few instalments, I will share some of the experiences during my short time in loss adjusting. For now, I sign off hoping and praying that all goes well for my next exam!

Mahesh Ganesan MEng (Hons) AMIMechE Cert CII, is a junior loss adjuster at MYI Limited Mahesh.Ganesan@myiuk.com