Evidence of reduced claims costs from the RTA portal is needed before we can have faith in the EL and PL portal

Doubts over the success of the employers’ liability (EL) and public liability (PL) claims portal are well founded. If the goal is to reduce claims costs, we need to see hard evidence of this being achieved through the road traffic accident portal. Instead, anecdotally, motor injury claims costs are on the up.

Claimant solicitors calculate their costs (and profits) based on the probability of a successful payout. With the marginal cost of submitting a claim reduced and fees capped, claims volumes may actually rise as the ‘no win, no fee’ firms look to recoup lost income. They also gain whenever an insurer misses a deadline.

Too much focus has been put on technology when content should be king. PL and, especially EL, claims are more complex. Entered data needs careful consideration. We also need to work faster and better at the triage stage and make decisions based on partial information. Here, firms with experience and technical excellence can play a key role in halting rising claims costs.

Artur Niemczewski is chief executive of Garwyn