The core of loss assessing is the expertise in the detailed formulation of claims for contents, building (Letters, 1 May, Insurance Times). Most intricate of them all is the business interruption claim, and satisfactory negotiations with the loss adjuster appointed by insurers. Use of the word "expertise" implies excellent knowledge of insurance law interpreted in the favour of the claimant.

Yes, my company has over many decades employed adjusters, yet I have to say that not one could go to a loss and prepare a detailed claim without the necessary training and experience gained within our company, I have never been surprised by that. One of the ex-adjusters employed by my company said:

"I had the experience of acting as a loss adjuster for a number of years and found the transition from adjusting to assessing initially somewhat difficult.

"The move from adjuster to assessor requires a change in attitudes as well as learning a new expertise. It is necessary to learn to approach a claim on a completely different basis from that when acting as an adjuster. Then, one can simply state that a set of facts or assumptions are simply not believed and by this statement putting a much heavier burden of proof on the assessor in justifying the claim."

Henry M Harris
Harris Claims Group

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