Critics warn of lack of certainty concerning future products

Aviva has apologised to brokers after pulling its single-trip travel insurance without warning.

It said the decision was forced onto it because the cover attracted “low volume”.

Ian Mantel, director of Hastings-based Manor Insurance Services, said Aviva should make amends by continuing the service for another three months.

“It’s about a lack of trust,” he explained. “If Aviva can just pull a product without notice, what certainty have we got around any other product?”

An Aviva spokesman said a message should have gone out and it was a mistake.

“We usually make sure that brokers are aware of changes within the system,” he said. “On this occasion, we did not do that. As soon as we realised, we made them aware of the changes.”

A spokesman for Biba said that members could obtain single-trip travel insurance via its website.