Premiums to go up 14% from 1 March

Aviva is planning to increase health insurance premiums in Ireland by 14% from 1 March, the Irish Independent reports.

The paper estimates the increase will cost families an additional €285 a year.

The move closely follows a decision by Irish health insurer VHI to bost rates by between 15% and 45%. In addition Quinn Health has, announced a price increase of 8%, with some plans seeing an increase of 25%.

On 22 December last year, Aviva issued a statement attacking the Irish government's decision to increase the health insurance levy to €205 per adult from €185 and to €66 per child from €55 on 1 January this year. The insurer said it would not pass on the cost of the levy increase to customers renewing their policy in January, but added: "Aviva will need to review the situation with respect to levy later in the year."