Telematics app developed by Wunelli will be tested in coming months

AXA is trialling an app that could help van drivers save money at renewal.

The app, Van Mate, will be tested for the next several months by a small number of existing AXA customers.

Depending on its success, the insurer could roll it out to its wider pool of ‘white van man’ customers who drive light commercial vehicles (LCVs). Based on a driver’s overall score they would be offered discounts.

AXA business managing director Darrell Sansom said: “There are certain groups of motorists that have earned a poor reputation for their driving behaviour, including the white van man. 

“Telematics-based policies ensure drivers are treated as individuals and rated according to their actual, rather than predicted, driving behaviour. 

“For many drivers of LCVs, the white van man image is undeserved and unfair so Van Mate gives these drivers an opportunity to separate themselves from the rest and cut their driving costs.”

The app, which has been developed by telematics provider Wunelli, records and scores driving behaviour data each time it is activated.

And the overall driver behaviour rating will be based on a range of factors, including speeding, braking, acceleration and cornering.

Wunelli managing director Penny Searles said: “Van Mate is tailored to the needs of sole traders using LCVs – typically categorised as white van man. The app will allow drivers to save money at renewal, while also benefiting from the feedback provided on their driving behaviour.”