AXA has merged its Inter Partner Assistance company with two other assistance companies, Access 24 and Medical and Industrial Services (MIS), to form Axa Assistance UK (AA).

Inter Partner Assistance, which has a turnover of £240m, was itself formed from the amalgamation of GESA Assistance and SFA in 1998, with offices in Leatherhead and Preston.

The company currently provides emergency help to more than one-third of UK households in terms of motor, home and travel emergency assistance.

Lorraine Dodds, AA spokeswoman said: “There is enormous synergy between the three operations, particularly in the area of health.
“The new partnership will draw on the strengths of each organisation to provide a more comprehensive service for our clients.”

Nigel Trevithick speaking on behalf of Access 24 and MIS, said: “Our expertise lies in occupational health, medical information and employee assistance and the new venture will allow us to expand our business to new clients.”