Backchat was visiting one of his high net worth chums at the weekend and conversation, while strolling round the grounds, naturally turned to insurance. Backchat was intrigued at how the other half live.

When Backchat gets his home renewal he either pays up immediately or signs up on the never-never. Not paying is never an option his broker offers him. But then Backchat lives in an inner London terraced house and things are different for those county-types with a few bob to spare, who know what cutlery to use at dinner and live in the country.

Broker Paul Dickson, of Dickson Insurance Brokers, had, apparently, put the high net worth contents and home on cover but had not charged a penny in premium for several weeks. Mind you, Chubb, the natural insurer of Bachchat's chum, was arranging a visit to discuss security in the new home. And nobody likes to discuss money with the tradesmen in earshot.