Backchat is used to the GISC spokeswoman, Catherine Nicoll, sabre-rattling over “unfriendly” press coverage from Insurance Times. But, apparently, she really does get the knives out once everyone else at the regulator has gone home.

Nicoll is a fencer and finds the great open space of the GISC reception room ideal for practising her parries and lunges. Not only that, the floor has the flexibility for Nicoll to measure whether her fencing rhythm is right or not – at least, that's what she claims.

But Backchat got the point in the end – it is not Catherine who is the real D'Artagnan in her family, but her daughter Chrystall. (Catherine only took up the sport to support her daughter, but won her first fight last week in the Millennium Championships).

Catherine is now trying to raise money on two fronts – one for fencing in general, including disabled fencing, and secondly to fund her daughter's fencing career. Chrystall came 18th in the world under-17s and 27th in the world under-20s tournaments although she is only 14 years old.

Backchat wondered if the Federation of Insurance Lawyers (FOIL) would be appropriate sponsors, but suggests anyone else interested should contact Catherine direct on 020 7648 7806.