Sometimes press releases are like poetry. Turn the light down low, take a deep breath and read the following: “A ceremonial lamp lit to summon the gods, flower petals scattered around Lord Ganesh and sweets passed around the congregation...” Backchat already feels sure he has been whisked away to India on a magic carpet. He is in a world of ancient traditions, of exotic spices and architectural wonders – mosques, temples, domes.

The press release continued in the same vein. “A further ceremony called a ‘puja' took place in the main entrance to the clinic in front of a statue of Lord Ganesh, god of knowledge and the remover of obstacles. Lord Ganesh is often worshipped during inaugurations as his presence is thought to bring success and prosperity,” the release waxed on.

But the reality of the press release, announcing a new Bupa hospital in Mumbia, India, was brought home by this photo, which, somehow, didn't quite go with the text. Backchat's magic carpet has just been pulled from under him.