Backchat was surprised to find two Legal & General (L&G) employees staring in a West End comedy show.

Dave Gorman's show, “Are You Dave Gorman?” tells of his worldwide search to meet and photograph men with the same name as himself.

It all started when he was in a pub in Manchester and someone called out that there was a cab for Dave Gorman and he and another fella stood up.

He has since trawled telephone directories and sent out speculative emails to find more namesakes.

Two of those he found and was pictured with are in the insurance business and work, coincidentally, for L&G. One likes playing the guitar at weekends. The other, who lives on the south coast, has such a devotion to Scrabble that he has returned home every lunchtime for the past 20 years to challenge his wife to a game, the results of which are then recorded in a ledger.

Gorman is continuing his search, and wants details of any other Dave Gormans sent to him at: If there are any in the insurance industry, Backchat would like to hear from you too.