“Friends, Romans and countrymen lend me your ears. I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.” But who is this modern day Mark Anthony? Why, it's none other than Richard Griffiths, director of recruitment giant Hayes Inter-Selection.

Griffiths, you see, may be a useful recruiting resource but Backchat suggests you find another director if you want to enter a pub quiz.

Griffiths' team came last in the company's quiz, held aboard the Eurostar to Brussels for a huge company love-in recently. The forfeit for the defeat was that Griffiths had to enter the bar wearing a shower cap, a toga and one shoe.

Backchat was delighted to see that he entered into the spirit of the event by taking up the dare.

Backchat was less delighted when Insurance Times publisher Sarah Tunstall broke through an inch-thick plank of wood with her bare hands during a session on building motivation. She's been wearing a menacing grin in the office ever since.