Who's rising and falling in this week's industry index?

Worlds collide

Insurance analyst Eamonn Flanagan, it turns out, is also a classically trained violinist and pianist. But, rather than using these talents to wow penguin-suited gents and ball-gowned ladies, our Mr Flanagan used to fiddle the night away as part of an Irish folk band in Liverpool bars while working in the city as an actuary. Just don’t ask him for a rendition of ‘Danny Boy’.


We’ve heard a lot about how instrumental the two Andrews – coach Flower and captain Strauss – have been in England’s rise to number one in the world cricket rankings. But what about Brit’s contribution? When the insurer took over just a year and a half ago, England were a mediocre mid-table fifth. I wonder what performance-enhancing secret ingredient those shirts contain …

Take your pick

I nearly choked on my Eggs Benedict at breakfast the other day when I read the news that Des O’Connor was joining Gallagher UK as an affinity boss. It turns out the famous crooner hasn’t decided on a career U-turn, but that Gallagher has appointed another gentleman with the same name. It’s easy to get confused at my age.

On yer bike

Managing risk in insurance is a balancing act, but Esure’s communications boss Adrian Webb has pushed his job to new limits. Over a coffee, Adrian proudly told me that he had just won a competition for the longest ride on a unicycle. He then whipped out his phone to display the video evidence.


Stephen Spielberg, eat your heart out. Leadenhall Market has its very own filmmaker in its midst. LV=’s general insurance operations director Peter Horton has a keen interest in filmmaking and was the executive producer of 2010’s The Kid. Perhaps it was a case of art imitating life, as it tells the story of “one man fulfilling his dreams” against all odds. Peter said he was keen for more investment in film, so watch this space.


Neil Utley’s bid to launch the solo career of ex-Busted singer Charlie Simpson almost went up in smoke during the London riots – when the Sony warehouse in Tottenham containing 10,000 copies of Charlie’s new album was torched. The singer recently signed up to Utley’s record label Nusic Sounds and copies of the album Young Pilgrim were quickly reprinted, much to Utley’s relief.

More Haste, less speed

What next for RSA chief executive Andy Haste? Well, the speculation is that Haste could find himself as boss of Aviva. Group chief executive Andrew Moss is expected to depart sometime in the near future, and Haste would be the perfect replacement in the eyes of the City. With its gigantic life arm, Aviva is a bigger company than RSA, but I’m sure Haste will be up for the challenge.


The rioting also caused headaches at the Football Association, which had to cancel a friendly between England and Holland despite having no event cover. West Ham United and Crystal Palace also postponed their Carling Cup games, which are also not covered by event insurance, my spies tell me.