?The saga of Barney Baloney the clown has taken another twist following the news that Croydon broker Hencilla has sensationally granted the catastrophic comedian public liability (PL) insurance.

Commentators were worried that Tesco had blown the incident – which saw Barney being barred on the grounds that his peanuts were potentially choking, and his bubbles potentially slippery – out of all proportions.

“Not all insurers have joined the ranks of the barking mad,” exclaimed Hencilla managing director Dudley Parker.

“[This will] allow him to bubble and balloon to his heart’s – and those of his audience – content.”

The outspoken intermediary boss went further, exclaiming that Tesco should consider including PL policies with every bottle of bubbles it sells.

“After all, it flogs every other type of insurance,” he said.