Broker wants to create network or international partners

Barbon Insurance Group’s property and commercial division is seeking overseas brokers to provide local insurance services for UK-based clients with subsidiaries abroad and vice versa.

It is also looking for ways to develop joint prospecting opportunities.The company has already teamed up with a broker in eastern Europe and is in negotiations with several other businesses in the region. It is also targeting brokers in Denmark, Germany, Italy, USA, South Africa and Nigeria.

With a current hit list of around 20 commercial property insurance brokers in these regions, Barbon is primarily looking for independent SMEs with a likeminded attitude, proven track record and clear evidence of recent growth.

The scheme is being spearheaded by Duncan Cogdell, the property & commercial division head of client services. He said: “Although still in its infancy, our aim is to build a network of broker partners in key strategic locations around the world who will provide the same excellent levels of cover and service that have become synonymous with the Barbon name.

“These overseas brokers will play a pivotal role in our future success. As a result, we will be very hands-on and work closely with each company to add value and help enhance and grow their business through the association with Barbon.”