Speculation mounted this week that Biba and the CII would soon be announcing the creation of single industry "super conference".

On-going discussions are being held between the two organisations on a number of joint initiatives including the creation of a single conference.

Biba chief executive Eric Galbraith told Insurance Times that discussions were ongoing with the CII on a number of joint initiatives including the creation of a single conference.

"Sandy Scott [director general, CII] and I have conversations on many aspects of the industry, such as broking facilities and other industry initiatives, and obviously we have had conversations on what might or might not happen with conferences."

Asked if a decision to merge the CII and Biba conferences had been reached, Galbraith said: "At this stage I am not in a position to announce anything. Watch this space."

Market sources suggested that this year's CII conference, which is being held in October, could be the last.

Sandy Scott strongly refuted that claim. He said: "It is not true at all. We have two conferences this year including a Life and Financial Planning Conference. Altogether we have 1,500 events from one hour to half day conferences and I would not expect that to change next year."

Scott added: "Eric [Galbraith] and I are listening to what the industry is telling us as well as listening to what our members are telling us. We will formulate our position [on whether to have one conference] in due course."

The Biba conference has grown in popularity since it began in 1978, the number of delegates has risen to more than 1,950 delegates this year from 1,723 in 2005. The idea of a single conference is seen as a possible solution to attracting more brokers to the event. Many brokers say they do not have the time or the resources to attend more than one industry conference a year.