Biba uses Imarket to offer full range of member schemes

Biba’s full range of member schemes is now being offered via Imarket – presenting brokers with an even wider choice of first-class insurance products.

Biba’s portfolio of over 20 schemes products, is set to provide a valuable boost to Imarket’s developing schemes library.

The library is available via the imarket website to registered users. Brokers can now find the schemes, all listed alphabetically under the products and services index, organised according to the trade or business type they cover.

“This agreement signals an exciting development for Biba, enabling schemes to be promoted to an even wider audience,” said Graeme Trudgill, technical services manager at Biba.

“This agreement signals an exciting development for BIBA, enabling schemes to be promoted to an even wider audience

Graeme Trudgill, Technical Services Manager at BIBA

Brokers can register with Imarket free of charge, gaining access to a fully-integrated portal that enables secure online trading with insurers. Currently, brokers can place 13 different types of commercial insurance business with a range of leading commercial insurers through comparative quotes on the website, or by clicking through to participating insurers’ extranets via a single sign-on.

Peter Knowles, strategy and marketing director at Polaris, added: “With more than 40,000 transactions a month, Imarket’s development is gathering considerable momentum.

“An ever-growing number of products and services are populating the portal and we are delighted that Biba is supporting us. This welcome initiative means brokers can now benefit from an increasingly diverse and abundant array of options.”