The boss is almost ready...

Eric Galbraith, chief executive of Biba:

Just over a week to go to the opening of BIBA’s 31st conference and the final pieces of the jigsaw seem to be falling into place. Delighted to hear from the organising team that the last few stands are being filled. The recent budget really brought home just what a changed world we’re all living in.

To have contemplated these debt levels only a year ago would have been unthinkable – now we just seem to be ‘shrugging our shoulders’ and getting on with life. Which is why I’m so pleased with the levels of confidence being shown in our broking sector – most of our regular exhibitors will be back and we seem to have found a steady supply of new exhibitors, so delegates will once again get another fantastic networking opportunity.

Had a meeting with René Carayol to run through plans for the opening debate. Seems he knows most of the senior players in the insurance world, having worked with many of them personally. Was reassured to find he has an excellent grasp of the ‘state of play’ in our world. Talked quite a bit about where brokers are coming from and what questions might come up. Needless to say the words ‘cross subsidy’ came up a few times!

René assured me he’ll keep the session moving and won’t let any broker with a pet subject (burger vans came to mind!) get too much panel time. After last year’s high-level debate this one should be much more down to earth. Looking forward to it.

Was horrified to find out this morning that there’re only six working days before we go up to Manchester. Still working on my opening presentation. Almost time to think about packing up the office – we’re taking all the BIBA staff up to Manchester this year for the first time.

While the whole event is as much about stamina as PR it’s a great bonding experience for us all and I’m sure the new members of staff will get an experience they won’t forget for many years! Now where’s that speech draft?!

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