The unofficial diary of the 2009 conference starts here

Graeme Trudgill, BIBA technical and corporate affairs executive:

Only 12 working days to go and it’s flat out as I try to get all my ducks into line for the BIBA conference opening on 13th May.

Every day I sit down to prepare for the three sessions that I am involved in: ‘What does BIBA do for you?’, ‘The growth of internet selling, how can brokers compete?’ and ‘Delivering Value in the claims process’. But then there are major distractions, like the Government’s publication of the Flood and Water Bill (consisting of 363 pages and 188 questions), a meeting with a rare Department for Transport lawyer about the electronic delivery of motor insurance certificates and the arrival in 10 minutes of a posse of senior liability insurers wanting to discuss pressing market issues.

Hopefully delegates will take the opportunity to engage with the BIBA team at the “What does BIBA do for you?” conference session. It represents a super opportunity to get stuck into some juicy topics – although we hope that’s not from tomatoes being thrown by the audience!

Amongst all this we have set up a series of meetings with the national newspapers to promote the benefits of insurance brokers and our manifesto points. So far so good, with two meetings followed up by two pieces in the Sunday Times and the Mail on Sunday. One thing is for sure is that BIBA is a very exciting place to be in the lead up to conference, with meeting with Government, press, insurers, conference speakers and members.

None of this can compare to the excitement at home on Easter Monday though when a real life rabbit turned up in our back garden much to the delight of my small children who all thought it was THE real Easter bunny (more luck than perfect parenting I must admit) although it was closely pursued by our cat!

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