Live from BIBA


Schedule / Wednesday May 16th

Stay tuned throughout the day for more live interviews with insurance industry executives and updates from the Insurance Times team.

09:45) Live news meeting

Hosted by editor-in chief Ellen Bennett and head of content Saxon East; accompanied by Nick Houghton, managing director of Broker Network & Ashwin Mistry, chairman of Brokerbility. Our panel will set the news agenda for the Biba conference.

11:15) Broker M&A in 2012: the deals we’ve seen so far; rest of the year

  • Michael Rea, Towergate Retail
  • Ian Clarke, Deloitte
  • Stuart Randall, Ataraxia

13:45) Regulation – ancillary products and client money; what it means for brokers

  • Steve White, head of compliance and training, Biba
  • James Sharpe, business development director, Ten Insurance
  • Greg Carter, director of Client Services, Capita

15:00) Broker Mind

15:45) Commercial market – when will rates harden?

  • Chris Hanks, Allianz
  • Phil Barton, Jelf
  • Jonathan Davey, Keychoice Underwriting

17:00) Insurance Times’s review of the day