I read with interest Richard Wynn's letter (News, 21 April) and am delighted to respond to his rather mischievous comments. I am sure Wynn is well aware that the two issues he is referring to are completely unrelated and I am surprised that he chose to question the probity of Biba and Towergate.

First, it would be inappropriate for Biba to attempt to influence any scheme provider's business model. What companies like Towergate include in their business plans is no concern of ours and, within reason, has no bearing on our professional links. We look for organisations that are able to offer the best deal to our members and, with regard to our PI scheme, we are delighted to offer the choice of a panel, consisting of Alexander Forbes, First City and Towergate.

Many insurers and brokers alike are utilising the capabilities of call centres and in an open and competitive market those who fail to service their clients and demonstrate an added value will lose out.

I can assure Wynn that Biba agrees with him that trust and impartiality are of paramount importance when seeking insurance cover and we cannot see any way in which this is compromised in the way he is suggesting. There are other PI schemes and our members are welcome to go to the open market.

It would take a far more cynical professional than myself to wonder whether this attack on Biba is an attempt to promote his own products, perhaps after realising the strength of the Biba schemes proposition? We are proud of the range of Biba schemes we offer to our members and we will continue to be so with the confidence in all of our providers that they operate at the very highest standards and use all of the information they hold in a professional and appropriate manner.

Peter J Staddon
Head of technical services