As a broker of 30 years' experience, I am the most likely and eligible receipient of Biba's new schemes.

I commend the work the association is doing to be competitive and offer rates and cover to its members that the private market cannot offer.

Last week's Insurance Times ran an interesting piece on its launch into the black box 'pay-as-you-drive' market to compete with the direct writers, products that Biba should be developing more of and we brokers are fighting for vigorously.

My criticism though of Biba's entrepreneural-ism is the service it provides to back these new initiatives.

It must be careful when picking its key providers that they can perform the best service a broker can supply. The buyers of these products are all in the business so expect the best.

It is ironic for a broker like myself, which is looking for good professional indemnity (PI) cover, that I looked at the Biba product and it did not have adequate cover to tackle any issues raised by the FSA.

What is needed is good leadership from our professional body at what works and what doesn't work. I hope this year's Biba conference focuses on broker issues rather than on what insurers want from us.

With insurers buying into the market, brokers need a guiding hand and Biba should be the answer.

Name & address withheld