Ever keen to keep its finger on the throbbing pulse of popular culture, Backchat has become an avid follower of Big Brother.

So imagine Backchat's surprise last week when it stumbled across Beazley TV. This conjured up all sorts of wild and wondrous ideas of news and interviews, gossip, features and games - much like those created by the big-spending football clubs.

But alas, the link simply opened up to 13, yes 13, cameras which follow the every move of a Beazley underwriter sitting at the box at Lloyd's.

Backchat can only imagine that this is only of interest to the powers that be at Beazley, as in true Big Brother fashion they monitor their staff.

If, however, it's been a sleepless night and you're in desperate need of an insomnia cure then two minutes at the link on tv.beazley.com

=Live should sort you right out.