It is not often you open the pages of the newspapers and see a story linking the CIA, French security, al-Qaeda, Wales and insurance brokers.

But last week a plane was grounded in Paris by French security officers after the US claimed that the passenger list contained names of al-Qaeda suspects.

The French authorities interviewed the alleged suspects, which included a Welsh insurance broker. It turned out the list was compiled by the US intelligence services based on homonyms - names that sounded or looked similar to the supposed terrorists'.

Of course, the insurance broker cannot be named, but Backchat is intrigued at what his name could be. Is there a Dai Jones or Myfannwy Evans in Osama Bin Laden's network? Have US intelligence services intercepted phone messages where Men of Harlech has been sung to rally the faithful?

Backchat can only assume that the man was a little obvious, particularly as he was "the only insurance agent in the village".