It seems the cost of lap dances is going the way of house prices after a US Swiss Re executive issued a lawsuit against a strip club for overcharging him.

Swiss Re US property/casualty executive Mitchell Blaser is suing New York strip club Scores for $28,000 over an evening of entertainment in December 2003.

Among the allegations is that Blaser was intimidated by Scores staff into signing an invoice for $8,615.

The lawsuit also claims that Scores staff added $4,000 in tips to the bill without Blaser's knowledge.

The eventual bill came to $28,000 for the evening. Scores said the bill was accurate.

The club claimed that Blaser's spending included five magnums of the club's most expensive champagne for $3,200, as well as $7,000 for lap dances and the company of several women.

Swiss Re declined to comment, saying it was a personal matter.