A first wave of London companies will soon confirm their live use of electronic claims files (ECF), the IUA has announced.

Speaking at the annual meeting, International Underwriting Association chairman Stephen Riley said member firms were now ready to move forward after conducting an extensive pilot test of the new system.

Riley commented: “We are now at the stage of phased implementation rather than a continuation of a pilot project.

"We have clear indications of our members’ intentions with regard to ECF and good project management in place to support the contractual discussions and necessary system changes."

He added that the development of electronic claims files will build on the existing Claims Loss Advice and Settlement System (Class) operated in the company market.

Riley added: “The company market has, as you know, operated a partial electronic claims facility for nearly 20 years.

"What we know as Class will still form the basis of our new ECF application and will now be attached to a repository product to from a multi media claims file."