Software company Brandt Computer Systems has been slammed by one of its broker clients for supplying an inadequate back office system and failing to offer a refund once problems were discovered.

Surrey-based Brandt Computer Systems started to promote its new product, Premium for Windows to brokers, as being a Y2K compliant back office system running in a Windows environment.

However, when Nick Taylor of Leicester-based broker Bunnell Taylor, started using the system, he found there was no year-end procedure.

This resulted in the brokerage having to employ an accountant for a number of months to sort out the mess. Taylor also had to re-migrate his customer data back to his original system. He estimates that these corrective actions have cost him "several thousand pounds".

Brandt director John Moberley admitted that the system had only just incorporated a year end procedure, but refused to comment on the possibility of a refund.

He said: "We have been in a period of stabilisation. We have had a few ups and downs and are not promoting at the moment.

"The year end procedure problem was resolved three weeks ago. Obviously discussions are taking place (with Bunnell Taylor), and we wouldn't like to comment."