A familiar face awaits film buffs in the Stephen Fry film Bright Young Things, which stars the industry's very own Robin Kirkland, managing director of specialist recruitment industry and contractors' broker Dallas Kirkland (Professions).

A scene near the beginning of the film, which is set amidst the excesses of Fleet Street in the 1930s, features Kirkland, playing a newspaper hack, walking down a set of stairs while putting on a hat.

A swish of his coat follows, a touch that Kirkland told Backchat he "added himself".

Kirkland originally bought a role in the James Bond film Die Another Day, at a charity auction, but unable to commit to four days filming, it was substituted for Fry's black comedy.

But despite rubbing shoulders with acting luminaries such as Dan Aykroyd, Peter O'Toole, Jim Broadbent and Hugh Laurie on set, Kirkland confessed the scene took eight takes to shoot. The film is due to be released on DVD and video on 19 April.