Welsh broker Moorhouse Group is to set up a 100-seat call centre in India as part of its growth strategy for 2005.

The company has targeted £18m of growth in commercial and liability business through leads generated by the out-bound call centre in Hyderabad. The new business is expected to lead to the recruitment of a further 80 staff in the UK.

Moorhouse Group chairman Lyndon Wood said: “We expect our Indian call centre to generate a greater number of qualified leads and therefore faster growth than we would be able to achieve with a similar set-up in the UK.

“The skills available among the workforce in India are perfect for lead generation, whereas the skills of employees in the UK are more suited to managing these leads and turning them into profitable long term business.”

Wood said the new strategy would allow the company to promote UK-based staff to higher skilled jobs.

Moorhouse is thought to be the first independent broker to establish a call centre in India.