Surrey-based warranty & indemnity specialist, BJIC is the latest addition

Broker Network is pleased to announce that Brian Johnston Insurance Consultants has been added to its membership.

BJIC is based in Redhill, Surrey. Eddie Barnes, managing director of BJIC said that membership of Broker Network will allow his company access to marketing support which will assist in the growth of BJIC’s specialist areas, including Warranty & Indemnity, professional risks and specialist niche liability surrounding the security industry, and property conveyancing.

Barnes said: “The combined strength of BJIC and of the dedicated resources at Broker Network means that with plenty of hard work, the possibilities open to us are limitless.”

Mark Wood, Managing Director of Broker Network added: “Today we welcome a professional, experienced and reputable business into our thriving Network. We are of course delighted to see that BJIC are eager to make the most of the variety of skills and expertise offered by our people, across a huge platform of market leading support services.”