Back in September Towergate announced its network offering would be rebranded and simplified

Broker Network has made a raft of appointments to its member-facing teams as part of its restructure and transformational plans.

Four new broker development managers (BDM) have been hired this month and a further three roles are to be filled in 2014. They will work with members to understand and support their business strategies.

The in-house marketing team has been divided, with one team focused solely on membership work and the second on corporate marketing. Six additional hires will allow the team to assist members in promoting their business and building the brand awareness for the network.

The network has also strengthened its compliance team with two further appointments to support brokers in the top-tier Premier membership.

In September Towergate announced it was simplifying and rebranding its network offering to focus on growth, protection and support.

Broker Network sales and marketing director Richard Pitt said: “We announced a number of transformational plans at our national conference in September which are centered on growth, protection and support and have spent the past three months bringing these plans to life.

“We are strengthening our field-based team so that our BDMs and compliance consultants are able to focus on smaller groups of members and give even greater value. We are also investing in other areas of the business to ensure that we provide our members with added value in addition to supporting our corporate goals.”