Three brokers on The Broker Network have gone live with Acturis Broker Platform. And a further two brokers will go live over the next two months, according to Acturis.

The first broker to pilot the system, Manchester-based Hine Insurance Brokers, went live on 8 November.

Northern Counties of Gateshead and London Broking Services joined the trial on the 1 December, said the company.

Acturis sales and marketing manager Simon Ronaldson said a further two brokers will follow in January.

He added that if the pilot were successful this would result in a much wider adoption of the system across The Broker Network's 130 member sites.

Ronaldson said: "This was one of the toughest evaluation processes we have been through. We are already working with The Broker Network and a number of its members to ensure that the pilot is a success for all parties concerned. This is a giant step forward for Acturis."

The Broker Network chief operating officer Michael Collins said: "The evaluation process involved a number of our members as well as our in-house experts.

"Acturis shone throughout the evaluation process. We will be looking at the pilot sites with considerable interest."

Hine Insurance Brokers managing director Paul Hine added: "We were aware that our IT system required updating for some time. The transition process has been quite painless."