Technology can ease the pressure of compliance, which does not have to be a "do-it-yourself" function, according to a leading compliance expert.

Branko Bjelobaba, FSA specialist for consultants Branko, told the conference that brokers could gain an insight into the FSA rulebook only if they read its lengthy pages end to end.

However, he said, there were technology tools on the market to aid intermediaries.

Bjelobaba said information technology would help drive down consumer complaints because systems were more efficient in customer services.

It would also aid the calculation of financial data which was becoming an increasing problem, he said.

Recent figures for the FSA's retail mediation activities return (RMAR), published in the regulator's annual report, show there have been 8,000 potential FSA rule breaches in the past year.

3,000 of these have been followed up by the FSA. A total of 269 were referred and a further 24 firms have been barred.