A London broker is being sued for £100,000 over alleged bad advice given to a household policyholder.

Elaine Green is suing East Finchley-based Motts Godwin Insurance Services following a claim made when her house in Radlett was burgled, according to a writ issued at the High Court.

In 2003 Green signed an insurance proposal for an increase to her home contents cover with Home and Legacy. The proposal was completed by Motts Godwin.

The policy stated that where fine art and antiques value was more than £50,000, a monitored alarm should be installed and for more than £25,000 worth of jewellery a safe should be installed. The section of the proposal for alarms was marked 'no' and the section about the safe was left blank, according to the writ.

Insurance cover from Home and Legacy was put in place on 24 September 2003. Motts Godwin received its policy document in October 2003 which included the condition that a monitored alarm and safe were installed within 30 days of start of cover, the writ said.

Motts Godwin posted the policy document to Green on the day of receipt, but the writ said the company should have known that the post could be seriously delayed by strike action.

Green did not receive the documents until 19 November 2003.

She was burgled on 5 December 2003, with belongings worth over £90,000 stolen. The alarm and safe were not installed until after mid-December, according to the writ.

Green's insurance claim was rejected by loss adjusters because she had no alarm or safe, the writ says.

Green claims that Motts Godwin failed to draw her attention to the policy conditions and fulfil its obligations of warning her of the consequences of not complying with the conditions.

According to the writ Green is seeking £92,381.52 for the items lost, with interest of £8,534.53 continuing at a daily rate of £15.19.