My experience of FSA regulation of insurance to date has been that it is not cost-effective. This causes me to consider whether it should be regulated by the CII on the ground that cost-effectiveness depends on the professional knowledge of the regulator?

However, your headline "Contract certainty - broker uncertainty' (News Analysis, 15 September) opens a new perspective in four words, a fact which prompts me to nominate it as headline of the year.

To explain, Katy Dowell in reporting the importance FSA chairman John Tiner now places on contract certainty confirms he is a true professional, as this is the OED definition of insurance.

Likewise, broker uncertainty draws our attention to the human element of KUCI - knowledge, understanding, communication and intent. Knowledge and understanding represent professional and communication - the skill of the broker. And intent is the

X factor and unpredictable.

John Lynch
Managing director
Insurance Advisory Service