Zurich, sponsor of the English Rugby Premiership League, has launched two rugby-themed marketing initiatives for intermediaries in a bid to to increase sales of home insurance.

The Go for the Big Conversion campaign, and the accompanying Marketing Tool Kit, are aimed at helping intermediaries to get new business, strengthen customer retention and to give them marketing advice relevant to their businesses.

Brokers will get points every time they sell a policy. These points are then converted into Capital Bond Vouchers, with brokers getting a £1 voucher for every point scored.

Vouchers can be used in more than 100 high street stores and also for eating out, travel and a selection of other activities.

Points are accumulated by scoring “trys” which are worth five points and “converted trys” worth seven points.

A try results from the sale of a Zurich Home Solutions policy; a converted try can be scored in a number of different ways.