Brokers are worried that more red tape, which includes introducing employment legislation twice a year, would create extra stress for them, according to a survey by employment law firm Peninsula.

And more than 70% of brokers said that the government was making a mistake by introducing human resources laws twice a year.

Most (76%) said they would rather have new measures staggered, with more time to implement changes.

Even so, more than 80% of brokers believed Chancellor Gordon Brown's Budget was satisfactory for small business, according to the survey .

And 91% were happy that the government was aware that human resources legislation, which includes wage changes and changes to the Employment Act, was a problem and that they were looking for ways to deal with it.

Peninsula managing director Peter Done said that introducing legislation twice a year would cause proposed laws to be rushed through and would give employers too much to do.

"It will be small businesses, and that includes small brokers, who will suffer the most," he said.

"In theory it sounds a good idea, but in reality it will be a nightmare."

Done said that the government was failing in its aim to help employers.

"Legislation has to be staggered. The first thing the government has to do is to give notice to employers, months in advance of any new legislation to be introduced."

Done said that clear guidelines must also be introduced so that employers could grasp what was required by any legislatory changes.

He is also advocating a grace period of several months after changes have been introduced to allow employers to ensure that they have correctly complied with the changes.

"Stockpiling legislation on employers twice a year is not the answer, in fact it's a mistake."