When the going gets tough, the thesps get going. London Market legend Reg Brown is returning to the industry - and the stage.

Bridewell Theatre, a musical ensemble located in the former public baths in Bride Lane just off Ludgate Circus, has recruited Brown as a director for his well honed organisational skills.

A vacant slot has appeared in the theatre's schedule and the directors are now planning to put on a show to raise money for the victims of the World Trade Centre.

Discussions are taking place with ActionAid and the cultural attaché to the US embassy. The money raised will be split, with half going to ActionAid to alleviate the refugee problem and half to the New York Firemen's charity.

Brown is looking for £25,000 sponsorship from the City and has told his fellow directors that he will "shoot himself" if he does not find the cash.

Anyone who wishes to save Brown (or supply the gun) should contact him via email at reg_justshootme@hotmail.com.