Broker Perkins Slade has clinched the contract to be the UK partner of Globex, the independent insurance and risk management organisation.

The Birmingham-based broker won the deal after a successful roadshow in the United States.

Globex, which was formed seven years ago by Douglas Fay, provides support to independent brokers across North America.

The organisation is one of the top three producers of insurance business in the world specialising in companies with international exposures, and now covers 102 countries through 187 partners.

The US operation consists of 63 partners and associates with representation in all 50 States plus Canada and Mexico, and a total premium base of over $13bn (£8.6bn).

Perkins Slade director Tony Deacon said: "We are now in a position to target larger international players than would have been the case as a lone operator, and also have the backing of an established, credible network with in-depth knowledge of overseas markets and country-specific regulations.

"The client benefits from dealing with just one insurance contact, and can be confident they have the right coverage and service support to do business anywhere in the world."